Progressive Talks is a website that has been specifically designed to engage with all members of the community, regardless of their background, ethnicity, age or religion, and to provide a mechanism for accessing a wide array of sources of knowledge on topical issues of today.

The idea for this site has been developing in my mind for a number of years now, however, it was not until early in 2011 that I really felt the need to have a mechanism to engage with other people about the issues I feel so strongly about. I usually post political statements on Facebook or Twitter every few days, and through this process engage with a number of my friends on a wide array of topics. Unfortunately though, Facebook does not provide complete functionality for discussing such issues, as this is not it’s main purpose, and so I decided to attempt to set up a facility to do so.

The issues that this website aims to deal with are far too serious to be disregarded, and that’s why I would encourage every person who finds themselves here, even if they are not politically inclined in any way, shape or form, to just read about what’s going on around the world, read about what other people think and potentially just say what you think.

Without society driving a movement for change, nothing will happen. Do not shy away from contributing based upon the preconceived notion that you cannot do anything. We are all as powerful as each other, and united together, we as a community can achieve whatever we want. We must push for reform throughout the world and at home on these issues, and we must get them right for the sake of our own futures, and the future of the human race, regardless of our traditional political backgrounds or ideologies.

Aims of Progressive Talks

– to provide a facility for all members of the community to access a aggregated range of sources on a number of different topical issues;

– to provide a facility for all members of the community to discuss topical issues and express their personal opinions;

– to educate the wider community and raise awareness of such issues through Progressive Talks seamless integration with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook;

– to promote sustainability and stimulate the community to think about issues around a future economic model – particularly in relation to economic growth, population growth, climate change and, in turn, sustainability;

– to gather together a wide range of perspectives and opinions to ultimately form a wide range of policies to be used to either lobby existing political parties and/or to stimulate the initiation of a number of new progressive political parties around the globe, with such policies informing their ideology and agenda – a new brand of party that is neither aligned with the left or right;

– Ultimately, to persuade every member of the community to consider the way they live, the things they do, how they can change and what they can do to improve our society; to save our world and push our civilisation into the next chapter of its history.

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